Book Coleman, Foster Dow and Irma Dow Scholarships


Scholarships are available to assist a graduating senior with cerebral palsy in his or her academic efforts to pursue further education or training at a recognized educational or training institution. The Book-Coleman Scholarship was initiated in 1994 with the resources of two memorial funds established in memory of William H. Book and Julian D. Coleman, both of Indianapolis. Mr. Book’s mother, Margaret and Mr. Coleman were long-time members of the Board of Directors of UCPAGI. The Foster and Irma Dow Scholarships were established in 2006 with the proceeds of a donation from the estates of Foster and Irma Dow of Whitley County.


In keeping with the deep concern of each of these individuals for the future of people with cerebral palsy, these scholarships are awarded in recognition of the potential of all individuals with disabilities to achieve academically, become involved in their communities, and to serve as tomorrow’s leaders.


Eligibility: Applicants must be an Indiana resident, have cerebral palsy, and be a graduating high school senior.


Award Criteria: Members of the UCPAGI Board of Directors will select each year’s scholarship recipient. Applicants will be judged based on the following criteria:

Academic excellence

Community participation and contribution

Extra-curricular involvement

Application statement



Application Process: A complete application and required attachments must be submitted to UCPAGI no later than May 11, 2018. Applications can be mailed to:

UCPAGI Scholarship Program

6270 Corporate Dr.

Indianapolis, IN 46278

or emailed with all attachments to


Award: Applicants will be eligible for awards of up to $2,000. A check will be made out to the institution of the recipient’s choice and payable as a component of tuition. In the event that the student withdraws the award will be granted to the runner-up. The recipient and runner-up will be notified by May 28, 2018. Awards will be mailed or arrangements can be made for a presentation at the student’s school.


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