United Cerebral Palsy is dedicated to meeting the needs of children and adults with cerebral palsy so they can enjoy an increased quality of life. We also strive to increase the awareness of CP through education and advocacy efforts. As part of our mission, we offer:

Financial assistance  

UCPAGI assists those with CP to gain access to adaptive technology, medical equipment and other items that will increase their independence, mobility, communication or comfort.  At age 5, DeVontre received a new communication device which helped him prove that just because he can’t talk doesn’t mean he doesn’t have something to say.

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We assist graduating Indiana high school seniors with cerebral palsy in their efforts to pursue further education or training through our scholarship program. “I was the first recipient of the United Cerebral Palsy scholarship in 1996. It helped me pay for books and fees as I earned my Bachelor of Political Science with a minor in business from Xavier University,” says Mike Foddrill, a policy analyst for the Center of Health Policy, Indianapolis University Purdue University-Indianapolis.

ATTITUDE Essay Contest  

We encourage an awareness among elementary and middle school-aged children about how the attitudes of others toward people with disabilities can act as barriers or as bridges to their achievement and well-being. More than 6,000 children from more than 200 Indiana schools have participated in the contest.

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DL Sports Fund  

Financial assistance is available to purchase adapted recreation and sports equipment for children and adults with CP and to increase awareness about the potential of children and adults with significant physical disabilities to participate in sports and recreation activities. Thanks to United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Indiana, Colin, who had to wear braces, received an adapted bicycle at the age of 3 so he could ride in his driveway with his sisters.